Different types of work.

Working at our farms can mean a variety of jobs and Berries Direct Farming employs energetic people, passionate about the soft fruit we produce. We start preparing the site new crops in February and work right through to December when the last of the glasshouse are picked. Work is a mixture of plant husbandry, picking, manual labour and packing. We build up teams of staff for each of these areas and the teams are led by supervisors.


This is the most crucial operation on our site. Berries are harvested continuously from April until December by groups of pickers under the supervision of skilled harvesting staff.  High standards of food hygiene and crop handling are maintained.

We provide a lot of training to our staff. Our pickers are carefully shown how to handle the plants and fruit so as not to damage the berries. We hand pick all our berries direct into the punnet that goes out to the customer.

Early morning starts ensure the fruit is picked when it is not too hot. The picked fruit is transported directly to the packhouse, where its temperature is reduced to 2-5°C to preserve shelf life.

Whilst working at Berries Direct Farming, we want you to have a good experience and the opportunity to earn money. Many of the jobs are paid using a piece rate system, meaning the more productive you are, the more money you earn.

We generally pick six days a week and working hours vary dependent on crop timing and weather.

We pay weekly into a UK bank account; you are entitled to holiday pay based on the hours you work. we pay the National Living Wage in line with UK legislation.


Work Calendar.

Watch this space as we illustrate the type of work undertaken throughout the year.

January at BDF.jpg


Is all about preparing the Glasshouses for the next season as we "overwinter" our plants



We are caring for the glasshouse crop with husbandry tasks and getting the campsite ready for staff returning



We plant out the tunnel crop which we pick in June plus we are tucking, weeding, de-leafing our glasshouse plants



The plants are almost ready to be picked, we are preparing them as much as possible

May At BDF.jpg


The strawberry season is in full swing at Berries Direct Farming



Is a busy month for us around the farm as we have glasshouse and tunnel production



Summer sun brings the strawberry peak



Peak picking is underway with our strawberry crops out in the tunnels



WE attended a show to share our product locally and the hot weather brings a full flush of fruit



Picking in our glasshouses starts again and MAINTENANCE jobs to do



We continue to pick glasshouse with volumes decreasing to allow time for any crucial farm repairs. We also remove the plants from tunnels



It’s one of the quietest times on our farms in norfolk with picking and packing finishing in the first few weeks of december