What we grow.

Our strawberries are grow in both glasshouses and outdoors in tunnels. Glasshouse harvesting runs from April to June and from October to December, whilst field production runs from May to October. Berries Direct is seeking to increase its production three fold to 1500 tonnes of strawberry.

We supply major supermarkets locally and nationally, in partnership with our sister company Soloberry Limited.

Varieties we grow.

The varieties we grow are Elsanta and Malling Centenary for Spring and Autumn Crops and Favori and Murano for our Summer crops.  We use biomass-heated glasshouses to extend the season with high quality berries. We choose varieties carefully because we aim to supply the freshest best tasting berries to our customers throughout the year.


How we grow.

Production is in both glasshouse and polytunnels; all our strawberries grow on tabletops which makes them easier to work on and to pick.


CROP Glasshouse.jpg


All our berries are chilled, packed and labelled in our own packhouse facility in Hempnall.

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